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Service Policy

Ⅰ General Principles

1. According to relevant laws and regulations of three guarantees for products within People’s Republic of China, Davinci fully protects customer’s rights and interests, strictly obeys relevant criterion and provides perfect service assurance to consumer. Davinci also promises and fulfills the installation, debugging, return & replacement, maintenance & repair policy of product seriously.

2. For first- and second-tier cities, Davinci provides door-to-door service within 48H. For remote area, please make an appointment for on-site service.

Davinci provides all year round(except for legal Holidays and Festivals) 7*8H hotline service through National Service Hotline 400-838-0577 for consulting, repair & complaint and WeChat official account “Davinci - Board”.   

Ⅱ Installation & Debugging Policy

1. Davinci provides general installation and debugging for free for the first time within China(except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). If you need second and more installation/moving installation, you will be charged for relevant additional fees.

2. In principle, Davinci doesn’t provide special installation service. For special mounting surface such as glass, marble, tile and hollow wall, Davinci needs to be installed specially through ceiling hoisting or single hoisting. Davinci can provide assist if you need relevant installation service, and relevant cost will be calculated separately according to actual situation.

3. If you purchase accessories such as mobile stand and hanging rack somewhere else by yourself, or you insist on installing even after our warning that there is hidden danger for your assigned installation method, you are required to sign relevant Liability Waiver. Davinci won’t take any responsibility for other goods damage or personal injury caused by installation method with hidden danger or use of non-Davinci accessory hanging racket.

4. Please prepare or purchase any non-built-in accessories(such as router, connection cable) in advance if you need before the installation and debugging process of DavinciBoard. If you need to connect external equipment or debugging service(with fault-free DavinciBoard), Davinci can provide on-line consultation and guidance without free on-site service.

5. During warranty period of the whole machine, Davinci provides free service for any operation you cannot finish by yourself technically, which includes Davinci system upgrade, software optimization and other matters not included in manual.

6. If you have any problem after signing for the equipment, please contact Davinci to provide professional unpack, installation and debugging service. You can make an appointment through WeChat official account “Davinci - Board” or hotline 400-838-0577. Davinci advocates that you install and debug the equipment under on-line guidance, or invite distributor representative of the area to instruct you to install and debug on site.

During the installation and debugging process of DavinciBoard, please scan the WeChat official account “Davinci - Board” on back of the machine, log in “Register & Activate” center and finish the registration code activation operation of DavinciBoard per the self-service procedure.   


Ⅲ Return & Replacement Policy

1. Return& Replacement period and time limit: From the date you sign for the machine, you can return or replace the machine hassle free within 7 days if you purchase from e-commerce platform authorized by Davinci. If you purchase from marketing representative or sale agent of Davinci, and you find any functional fault or quality problem of the equipment, which is verified by Davinci authorized facilitator that it’s the product’s quality problem other than artificial reason, then you can choose replacement or repair during 30 days(including 30 days).

2. For non quality problem 7 day hassle free return & replacement, any shipping cost caused (round-trip) will be charged to the buyer, which can be deducted from the payment of the machine directly or paid by customer separately. Besides, buyer must ensure the equipment is free of scratch and abrasion, including but no limited to artificial damage, missing or broken packing, missing or broken spare and accessory parts of the machine.

3. Davinci provides replacement service within 30 days for malfunction not caused by customer personal reason. On the other hand, customer must take the responsibility and cover relevant cost if the malfunction is caused by your personal reason. You can ask for paid repair and loss assessment service through WeChat official account “Davinci - Board” or hotline 400-838-0577.

If you need to replace the equipment due to quality problem or apply for hassle free return & replacement, please leave a feedback through WeChat official account “Davinci - Board” or hotline 400-838-0577. Customer Service Center will assign related staff to provide you service after getting your request.   

Ⅳ Maintenance& Repair Policy

1. Warranty period of the whole machine is one year from the date of signing for the equipment, and the warranty range and content include:

*TV part: TV main board, TV power panel, adapter plate;

*Computer part: Computer main board, CPU, memory, hard disk, power supply, interface adapter plate;

*Touch part: IR touch frame, electromagnetic touch screen, capacitor touch screen;

*Accessories & Attachments: Remote Control, Ancillary Cables such as Power Line, VGA Cable, USB Cable, Audio Cable, Smart Stylus, Wireless Sharing.

2. If the equipment needs to be returned for repair due to quality problem within 30 days after signing, Davinci will take charge of the shipping cost. Otherwise, you need to take charge of the shipping cost for returning repair of malfunctional machine after 30 days.

3. Davinci doesn’t take charge of home delivery or door-to-door pickup whether within or without warranty period. If you need door-to-door service, you will be charged of delivery & pickup cost according to specified standard.

4. Following situation are not included in warranty range, and you will be charged for the repair:

*Damaged machine due to improper use, maintenance and storage, including but not limited to operational error, falling down during handling, bumping during moving, incorrect use of external accessories;

*Malfunctional or damaged machine due to transformation, disassembly and assembly;

*Warranty expired, or the model of the warranty card does not match the actual product model, or altered model on warranty card;

*Damage caused by irresistible force.

5. If you meet any malfunction during the use of the product, please request for repair through WeChat official account “Davinci - Board” or hotline 400-838-0577. Customer Service Center will tell you pre-quotation according to the malfunction category once receiving your request, and the loss assessment report and repair will be subject to actual situation. Repair cost will be calculated per actual cost incurred.  


Ⅴ Additional Notes

1. In any case, all direct and indirect hidden losses caused by malfunction or damage related to Android system, PC part(hardware, memory, etc) of the product are within liability exemption of original Davinci manufacturer,  losses including but not limited to the loss caused by damaged and missing document, data and record, and any other loss related to Android system and PC time limit.    

2. The warranty period of accessories(Wireless Sharing, Smart Stylus, Mobile Stand, Conference Camera, etc.) is one year without door-to-door service.

3. This policy applies to DavinciBoard sold and used within China(except for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).

4. It’s subject to the law when clauses of this policy conflict with national or local law, and it’s subject to this policy when it’s within the legal limit.