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DavinciBoard, Next Gen Conference Solution, Reformer of Traditional Meeting Scene Author: │ Time:2019-06-19

DavinciBoard is a flagship intelligent Office meeting board elaborately developed and created by Davinci. This brand of Intelligent Meeting Board is developed and released in 2016, and officially launched domestically in Jun, 2017, which makes it one of the earliest Intelligent Meeting Board brands.

As the rapid development of global intelligent technology, 2016 became “the first year of Artificial Intelligence”. Based on its own “Davinci Soft Core” technology, Davinci Video Processor of TI and years of software & hardware technology research and development background in commercial display field, Davinci launched independently developed intelligent conference product and solution in 2016, and officially launched DavinciBoard domestically in Jun, 2017. 


(Pic: HD Document Presentation Scene)

Loaded with Windows and Android system, you can shift between two systems of DavinciBoard freely with optional OPS module, which endows the Intelligent Interactive Meeting Board with the function of computer and mobile phone besides interactive intelligent whiteboard function. The whole DavinciBoard is covered with aluminum alloy and equipped with mobile metal stand, which provides great protection even during movement. Mohs Degree7 Explosion-proof glass is scratch and bump resistant, solving user’s worry about the weakest part of the machine.

DavinciBoard realizes three kinds of touch control screen technology. During three versions of DavinciBoard, the Professional Line adopts IR touch control technology, Upgraded Line adopts double touch control of IR & solenoid, and Deluxe Line adopts double touch control of capacitor & solenoid. Besides, DavinciBoard has four sizes for customer to select according to the size of the meeting room and site: 55inch, 65inch, 75inch and 86inch.


(Pic: Interactive Intelligent Whiteboard Scene)

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, DavinciBoard can realize instant wireless data transmission. Featured with 10 point touch, 3840*2160(16:9) physical resolution, LED backlight, visual angle 178° and response time less than 3msec, DavinciBoard proves its superior quality and performance. Theoretically speaking, the product life of this intelligent meeting board is about 104year, which is incredible for stereotyped Made in China product.

DavinciBoard mainly have three functions, which are interactive intelligent whiteboard function, interactive document presentation and slip screen teleconference function. Besides, multi-terminal wireless screen sharing is also one of its core function, which can project the screen content of mobile phone, tablet and PC to the huge screen of the meeting board, and allow users to back control the projected terminal screen through meeting board, which saves lots of data transmission trouble. 

 Remote Video Conference Scene

(Pic: Remote Video Conference Scene)

Davinci successfully captured the pain point of complexity, low efficiency and low cooperation of traditional projector, screen, whiteboard and other equipment during office working, and combines all meeting equipments into an intelligent meeting board, realizing “Simple, Convenient, High- efficient” through “one machine with multi-function” and improving the efficiency and cooperation of enterprise conference greatly. In predictable future, intelligent meeting board is subverting traditional meeting scene thoroughly like projector and really opening new era of intelligent office.