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Davinci Recruit Agents Nationally and Share the Business Opportunity with You Author: │ Time:2018-05-25

Designed for Easy Cooperation

Education Market Turns to Meeting Board Market: In educational market, interactive board meets problems such as brand monopoly and lower price at present. Compared with the red sea in educational market, meeting market is entirely blank, in which interactive board has enormous potential.   


Powerful Market Data: According to relevant data, it shows the percentage of Chinese private enterprise in 2016 is over 80%. And among private enterprises, most of them are small and medium-sized companies, which will be the main contributor for meeting board market in future.     

Declining Projector Market: Intelligent Meeting Board will take considerable proportion of the market in future with the domestic structural transformation of the economy, declining government and private projector market, falling price of LCD screen and suppressed selling of projector product in educational market.

Target Customer: Small and medium-sized companies, and foreign meeting boards haven’t entered Chinese market at present.

Da Vinci intelligent whiteboard business cooperation

Davinci Brand Introduction

Davinci is a perfect example that combines technology and art! With the concept of “Designed for Easy Cooperation” and the attitude of “Craftsmanship, Dedication, Perfection”, Davinci specializes in developing, designing and creating new generation of high-efficient meeting collaboration platform, artificial intelligent solution for office.

Based on its own “Davinci Soft Core” technology platform and years of software & hardware technology research and development background in commercial display field, and depending on the technology trend in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc, Davinci launched independently developed high-efficient conference collaboration platform and intelligent meeting solution in 2016. In Jun, 2017, Davinci officially released intelligent conference collaboration platform - DavinciBoard aiming at business conference office market. Davinci headquarters in Shenzhen and sets overseas R&D center in USA and marketing center in Hangzhou.


Product Superiority

Combing the function of projector, computer, speaker, electronic whiteboard, TV, advertising machine and camera, the 7-in-1 even 9-in-1 DavinciBoard subverts traditional office conference scene thoroughly with simplified meeting process, improved working cooperation and enhanced interactive effect. While making conference work more intelligent, simple and high-efficient. Besides, it has Powerful on-site interaction function, instant information processing capability and humanized function, solve conference communication problems more creatively. Davinci has become next generation of intelligent office equipment instead of previous projector and electronic whiteboard.

As the brand leader in Intelligent Meeting Board and Intelligent Office field, Davinci is dedicated to make office cooperation easy and easier with intelligent technology and determined to be a quality company that embraces innovation and develops integratedly. Taking concentrated research and development as its core competence, Davinci strives to build the industry ecological chain for enterprise intelligent meeting products and service, set up perfect partner supporting system and channel league policy, improve partner’s profit margins and capability, exploit the trillion-dollar blue ocean market and share the business opportunity together.   


DavinciBrand is now sincerely recruiting partners and dealers all over the country to join in, cooperate and create a win-win future together.