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Agent Cooperation


With the development of frontier technology such as Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, mobile officing and collaboration between different areas will become important working method in mobile internet era along with flattening business organization. Enterprises need to break the traditional “three-core” office mode of “computer + printer+projector”, expand cooperation of internal communication tool and integrate more office resources. Thus Intelligent Meeting Cooperation Platform becomes the first rigid demand for enterprise transformation. Besides bringing brand new conference scene for enterprise such as interactive cooperation, mobile office and collaboration between different area, it’s also a new start and business opportunity in blue sea market for numerous agents and integrators in traditional IT and OA industry.

Partners are being recruited hotly all over the country

As an intelligent whiteboard specially designed for modern intelligent conference collaboration platform with the concept of “Designed for Easy Cooperation”, DavinciBoard combines functions of whiteboard writing, document presentation, wireless screen sharing, multi-screen interaction, QR code scan and share, teleconference along with equipment integration design, creating new generation of high-efficient conference collaboration platform, artificial intelligent Office products and total solution and promoting entire innovation of intelligent conference market.

According to relevant data, it shows that till the beginning of 2017, the QTY of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises is up to 70 million, business office enterprise is almost 12 million, and global stock meeting room is more than 72million. Estimated value of domestic market is up to trillion Dollar, supposing the unit price of the meeting board is 10 thousand, which is undoubtedly blue sea for enterprise conference market.

As the brand leader in Intelligent Meeting Board and Intelligent Office field, Davinci is dedicated to make office cooperation easy and easier with intelligent technology and determined to be a quality company that embraces innovation and develops integratedly. Taking concentrated research and development as its core competence, Davinci strives to build the industry ecological chain for enterprise intelligent meeting products and service, set up perfect partner supporting system and channel league policy, improve partner’s profit margins and capability, exploit the trillion-dollar blue ocean market and share the business opportunity together.

Davinci Brand is now sincerely recruiting partners and dealers all over the country to join in, cooperate and create a win-win future together.