Davinci is a perfect example that combines technology and art.With the concept of “Designed for Easy Cooperation” and the attitude of “Craftsmanship, Dedication, Perfection”, Davinci specializes in developing, designing and creating new generation of intelligent meeting collaboration platform, artificial intelligent solution for office. Dedicated to “Efficiency”&“Collaboration” of enterprise office system, Davinci is devoted to creating “Intelligent, High-efficient, Collaborative” office experience for business enterprises through frontier intelligent science and technology, meanwhile improves enterprise’s competitiveness through “High Efficiency” and “Powerful Cooperation” of the team-based organization.

Based on its own “Davinci Soft Core” technology platform and years of software & hardware technology research and development background in commercial display field, and depending on the technology trend in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc, Davinci launched independently developed high-efficient meeting collaboration platform and intelligent conference solution in 2016. In Jun, 2017, Davinci officially released intelligent meeting collaboration platform—DavinciBoard aiming at business conference office market under the name of Zhejiang Jinzeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Davinci headquarters in Shenzhen and sets overseas R&D center in USA and marketing center in Hangzhou. In addition to USA overseas R&D center, Davinci has set up experience stores in many main domestic cities such as Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hongkong, Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, etc. Meanwhile, any dealers, distributors and contractors from all area and cities across the country are welcomed to negotiate and cooperate with us. Join in our Davinci fleet and let’s dream the future together.


To be a quality company that embraces innovation, develops integratedly and encourages our employees to grow up with the company together.


    On product side, our company takes “Craftsmanship” spirit as our brand belief, thus we always follow “Craftsman Spirit” and keep improving and pursuing perfection during every link from product R&D to manufacturing, which is also the start point of the company brand management and the fundamental point of long lasting business.


    On company-to-staff side, our company always takes dedication as the most important aptitude for both company and staff, so we advocate that every staff should be dedicated to our business and listen to customer’s request and opinion seriously. Meanwhile, we encourage all the staff to care our company as well as our partners according to this guiding concept.


    On staff-to-company side, our company advocates that every staff should stick to post and strive to make his own work perfect, focus on customer, keep improving the product and service together and go all out to make customer happy. Once keeping perfection in mind, the staff will do a good job in working and servicing customer, thus get a good reward for himself. As a result, both the staff and the company will grow up well.


Make office cooperation easy and easier with intelligent technology